LED Flashlights, Great For A Focus Light

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I ran into these cool flashlights from a student in the Mentor Series Workshop in New York City. We used them to allow the camera to auto focus in a dimly lit restaurant. Later we also use a pair of them to give a champagne bottle a nice backlit glow in anther shoot. The have now found a place in my location kit that I take on every job.

You can find them here on Amazon

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No-Moiré Netting Background, From California Sunbounce

This netting is primarily used in the film and video world when doing an interview. Usually it is placed 5-6 feet behind the subject. It is perfect for placing behind your subject to give a soft diffused look to the background. The result is that the background is darker and slightly out of focus.


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Dia De Los Muertos – Day Of The Dead – Behind The Scenes

Paul describes how he set up and shot the Day Of The Dead images that are posted back in November of 2013

You can see the gallery of images at http://peregrinestudios.com/dia-de-lo…

Thank you to Ryan, our model, and Kelsie our makeup artist http://theartistkelsie.com

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Broncolor VS Foursquare 30″ VS Foursquare 57″

Steve Thornton compares the Broncolor Para to the FourSquare 30″ (FSK30) and the FourSquare 57″ that is currently in the prototyping stages. While there are many differences in the different lights, you can still achieve great photos with each.

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Mac Pro Armor From Lightware

Heavy duty armor for the new 2014 Mac Pro


The Lightware LT300 long lens case has been around for a few years and is known as a ultra crush proof case for your high value lenses. The new 2014 Mac pro slides right in like it was made for it. All of Lightware’s Lens Tubes are built with an interior structure of a crushproof tube. This is then surrounded in layers of shock resistant, closed cell foams, which are then encapsulated in a padded soft tricot fabric. Combined with a padded ballistic nylon exterior, the case is formidable against the rigors of travel. An excellent choice to protect your new Mac.

If you’d like more information call Lightware at 303.744.0202

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