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Photos from Francis Zera

A very happy customer sent us a few sample shots that he took at a small resort in Fiji. Francis Zera found that carrying the large power packs he usually uses was not an option for this trip. He decided to try speedlights and his FourSquare™ with great success as you can see.   Check out […]

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The New 20×20 Box with a dyna-lite pencil tube

Whew! Talk about even! This set up is a “pencil tube” wired to fire from a Dynalite pack. The only drawback is there is no modeling light or fan. The advantage is the travel kit is small and really light. You can pack four into the same space that one normal Dynalite head takes up. […]

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Phase One Festivities were a Blast

The Phase One show and tell was a lot of fun. We had about fifty turn out for the event. We saw a whole lot of digital and had two great models. If you have the chance to attend such an event, make the time. You will learn a great deal even if your pocket […]

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Shoot the Centerfold

I wondered how long it would take … Jarmo and his buds have teamed up to do seminars on how they have make their images for “Playboy”. This is a chance to learn from the masters who have created such stunning images. Arny and Jarmo will show you how they make the images that have […]

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