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Mentor Series Lighting Workshop in San Antonio Texas

Mentor Series Workshops can be a great learning experience. If you are new or just a avid hobbyist of photography thisView full post »

Quick And Easy Portrait With The FourSquare Softbox And One Speedlight

A keen eye may notice that the setup is a mirror of our final pick. We reversed the set mid way through the shoot andView full post »

VW Beetle in the studio

  Have been looking into what other lighting fixtures are useable for in studio photography. This is aView full post »

Pour Shot

Friday with Dr. Dan resulted in this pour shot. FourSquare 20×20 Box with Grid, Set Left = 1/32 each 2xView full post »

FourSquare and the Quadra

We have had several photographers ask if they could use their Elinchrom Quadra in a FourSquare Box. The answer isView full post »

FourSquare Speedring Plate

This is something new for FourSquare that I have been tinkering with. While we have our spindles for retrofitting toView full post »

Rosco Light Panels for Small Product Photography

Well, we are all back from the Holidays and it’s time to start writing more posts. Since we last posted we haveView full post »

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