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Belkin Rockstar Sync Cord Splitter

  Thinking outside of the box again … this little device is used to share your  music with friends.View full post »

How To Pack And Organize 72 Rechargeable AA Batteries

These images should be pretty self explanatory. A Pelican 1060 Micro case and AA battery holders fromView full post »

Radio Shack Mini-phone 4 Way Sync

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry while they are still available! I picked these up at Radio Shack and they are mini phoneView full post »

Laundry Bags

Having been around for a few years, I have acquired a number of backgrounds, silks, diffusers and fabrics. In cleaningView full post »

Mounting the new style Flex TT5 using Mini Mounts

000000 This tip comes from Peter Lockley formerly at Clarkson Creative here in Denver. He expressed interest in theView full post »

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