Broncolor VS Foursquare 30″ VS Foursquare 57″

Steve Thornton compares the Broncolor Para to the FourSquare 30″ (FSK30) and the FourSquare 57″ that is currently in the prototyping stages. While there are many differences in the different lights, you can still achieve great photos with each.

  • Jan-Anders - Nice comparision. Two questions. Wahat flash are you using in the foursquare boxes? When will the 60″ version be available?


  • Paul - Steve is using his Lumedyne pencil tube in this video. The large FourSquare is reaching it’s final stages of prototyping. We will be posting it to all of our sites when it goes into production. Sorry to be vague, but we don’t have a date set as of yet.

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