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Ringlight and the FourSquare

Yes it’s a ring light in the FourSquare. Pretty interesting with and without the diffuser. I was starting toView full post »

Vase, Rods and a Dash of Color

A simple set up showing how the light breaks work. I have talked in a past post about the frame with plasticView full post »

Mentor Series Lighting Workshop in San Antonio Texas

Mentor Series Workshops can be a great learning experience. If you are new or just a avid hobbyist of photography thisView full post »

Quick And Easy Portrait With The FourSquare Softbox And One Speedlight

A keen eye may notice that the setup is a mirror of our final pick. We reversed the set mid way through the shoot andView full post »

Pour Shot

Friday with Dr. Dan resulted in this pour shot. FourSquare 20×20 Box with Grid, Set Left = 1/32 each 2xView full post »

FourSquare Speedring Plate

This is something new for FourSquare that I have been tinkering with. While we have our spindles for retrofitting toView full post »

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