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Budget Diffusion from Ikea

Hey! Listen up! Take notice ! I found these “curtains” at Ikea. They are a great deal like wedding dressView full post »

DSLR Shade For Every Lens

Problem solving 101. I use both brand of 35 cameras. I was tired of all the lens shades that seem to clutter up myView full post »

How To Pack And Organize 72 Rechargeable AA Batteries

These images should be pretty self explanatory. A Pelican 1060 Micro case and AA battery holders fromView full post »

No-Moiré Netting Background, From California Sunbounce

This netting is primarily used in the film and video world when doing an interview. Usually it is placed 5-6 feetView full post »

New Lumedyne Mounting Solution

I sometimes like working with my Lumedyne in concert with speed lights. In fact all my location work is now SpeedView full post »

Easy Organization for your Speedlight Color Corrections Gels

It’s simple. A plastic worm bag organizer from Bass Pro Shops and/or a 3×5 recipe card holder from theView full post »

LED video lights in a FourSquare is more than a Speedlight or two!

We were working on a new project, “Sitting on a Rainbow with the World by a String” and during the filmingView full post »

Glass Block Cookie

So while wandering the isle of the Home Depot by the studio I came across a large glass block 12″ x 12″. IView full post »

Lightware Case Utility Light

I recently found this handy little light while at my local improvement store. It runs on three AAA batteries and byView full post »

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