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Hi-Light Disc, Controlling your light!

This was made using a Ranger pack with a standard reflector, with one of our new Highlight Discs (designed by Dr.Dan)View full post »

Gray Card

So important to be consistent in your work. All of the above are manufacturers versions of “neutral” gray.View full post »

Reflector Plate

I spent a little time in the shop this week and built myself a mirrored/reflector board. I decided that it needed toView full post »

New Lumedyne Mounting Solution

I sometimes like working with my Lumedyne in concert with speed lights. In fact all my location work is now SpeedView full post »

STC Workshop

If you are in LA and want to learn some lighting tips and tricks try the Shoot the Centerfold seminar. Jarmo aView full post »

A New Product

We have never before shown a product in development, but here is a first. This is the mold for a new product that hasView full post »

Ringlight and the FourSquare

Yes it’s a ring light in the FourSquare. Pretty interesting with and without the diffuser. I was starting toView full post »

Work in Progress … Car Light

A project we are working on that is not finished. A local dealership needed a way to photograph there automobiles outView full post »

Vase, Rods and a Dash of Color

A simple set up showing how the light breaks work. I have talked in a past post about the frame with plasticView full post »

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