Mac Pro Armor From Lightware

Heavy duty armor for the new 2014 Mac Pro


The Lightware LT300 long lens case has been around for a few years and is known as a ultra crush proof case for your high value lenses. The new 2014 Mac pro slides right in like it was made for it. All of Lightware’s Lens Tubes are built with an interior structure of a crushproof tube. This is then surrounded in layers of shock resistant, closed cell foams, which are then encapsulated in a padded soft tricot fabric. Combined with a padded ballistic nylon exterior, the case is formidable against the rigors of travel. An excellent choice to protect your new Mac.

If you’d like more information call Lightware at 303.744.0202

  • micka - Bonjour
    Vous l’avez en stock la housse du mac pro?

  • Paul - They are not in stock right now. That is one of our main projects right now. They should be back in stock in the near future. Please watch this page to see when they are ready.

    Ils ne sont pas en stock en ce moment . Ce est un de nos principaux projets en ce moment . Ils devraient être de retour en stock dans un avenir proche . Se il vous plaît regarder cette page pour voir quand ils sont prêts .

  • Josh - Do you have an idea of when you might have some back in stock?

  • Paul - @Josh We have them in production now and we should have them in less that two months. I would recommend contacting Janine at Lightware 303-744-0202 or to be put on the reserve list to make sure you get one.

  • Paul - Hey Everyone! As of today we have the Mac Pro Armor aka the Lightware LT300 Long Lens Case back in stock!

    You should be able to find them on


    And very soon at B&H

    Or as always you can contact Lightware directly at 303-744-0202

  • David - I’m interested in the Mac Pro case. How much does it cost and how do I purchase one? Thanks.

  • Paul - One way would be to contact Lightware directly by either email or by phone at 303-744-0202.

    The other is to get one at B&H

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