MF1217 with B2


Sometimes you just have to show how you do things so you can pass it on. I have here a MF1217 with a B2 Profoto Kit. I have modified the heads using FourSquare Mini Mounts so that they are easily useable in a FourSquare Block and Box. I also have a couple of Manfrotto 026 stand adapters so that I can use umbrella, FourSquare box or a bare head. This kit is easy carry on size no problems local or international. The heads are corded to the small power pack giving you plenty of length to move around.

The beauty is just how compact you can make it and carry on the plane. I could have stuffed more but it would not have been as pretty. Great things come in small packages.

  • marco borggreve - Dear Mr. Peregrine,

    Thank you for your post on the B2’s packed, how do you connect them safely to the block?
    long term user of your soft boxes:)

    Marco Borggreve

  • Paul - I just screwed a mini mount to the quarter twenty hole in the head. I believe I removed the stand adapter to to this. If memory serves me correctly. It was a few minutes to make the change. I did no harm to the head. Happy shooting.

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