This is the Recorder

In this day with all the nifty stuff going round, I have found this to be a great way to record things that need to be recorded when you are shooting on location. Sometimes people say things, and they really should be recorded if not with pen and paper then a little sound bite can make all the difference. Kind of like recording a lecture in chemistry 101. Just wanted to make sure exactly what the professor said, so there kind be no kind of confusion when it comes time to get the “final” payment ohoh I mean grade.

I have also started to record everything when we are doing a video shoot. From the moment we start. I try to get the talent mic’ed ASAP until it’s a wrap. I have ALL the sound. So many little sound bites come when the camera isn’t rolling, I decided this is the way to go. The furry windscreens come from Hawaii. All kinds of cool colors. Go forth and make sound……

H4n handy recorder microphone

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