Video of Dave Black’s Surfing Shoot

Take the time to check this out. Dave is one of the nicest guys to work with and he really knows his stuff. Check out his “Workshops at the Ranch” articles at as they are packed full of information. Look for him at Photokina this year as I was told he will be sharing his thoughts on photography for Nikon. I’m sure they are probably going to have a great deal of new toys to announce as well. Dave has a down to earth style and is a super teacher. If you ever have the chance to attend one of his workshops in person, it is well worth the investment. Tell him I said hi!

I won’t spoil it here in the intro, but what you will see is someone thinking “outside of the box” to make great imagery. I can only image if we had the chance to do this on the north shore of Hawaii. I think this can only be done to this level with Nikon equipment as I don’t believe the other makers have the high speed sync all together worked out without the significant loss of light. I am sure this technique could be done with “studio” strobes but hey … only eight speed lights  … it’s amazing. Take a moment and check it out. The optic triggers were powered by RadioPoppers with some fiber optic magic dashed in by Now on with the show …………


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