Easy Organization for your Speedlight Color Corrections Gels


It’s simple. A plastic worm bag organizer from Bass Pro Shops and/or a 3×5 recipe card holder from the office supply store. Actually I use them both. I put the CTO’s in the recipe holder because those are the ones we use most and then the more esoteric filters I put in the Bass Pro Worm Folder.  I use a label maker to keep them identified on the baggie and with a sharpie on the filter itself. Makes it easy for the assistants to find and put back the gels in the right place. Go ahead get organized.


Guido Karp Workshop with FourSquare and Sunbounce in Los Angeles


This was shot on location in California during a workshop that Guido Karp was hosting. A wonderful place with curves, ledges, walls, waterfalls, pools, columns and huge spheres to work with. It was built years ago for TV commercials. I believe that it was for a years campaign of hair care products. We were using California Sunbounces and FourSquares. Photographers Steve Thornton, David Mecey, Michael Grecco and Tim Mantoani all gave there two cents during the week long event.

Ringlight and the FourSquare


Yes it’s a ring light in the FourSquare. Pretty interesting with and without the diffuser. I was starting to work on a new photo project but got side tracked with one of those crisis items, like spilled milk. When things clear up a bit I am going to see what this really looks like. I am assuming pretty darn even. I am particularly interested without the diffuser.

Work in Progress … Car Light

Work in Progress … Car Light

A project we are working on that is not finished. A local dealership needed a way to photograph there automobiles out of the “Colorado” weather. Just can’t depend on it when you need it.

We have hung a 1/2 Grid Silent Silk (from the Rag Place) in LA on a 15’x30′ frame below ten color correct fluorescents. The Audi was a quick test shot to see how the overall image was looking. We knew we had more work to do, particularly something about the garage door that was reflecting in the rear quarter panel. After seeing just how it was reflecting gave us a good call on where to start.

We are waiting on a few more items to finish out the job. I will try and remember to shoot a final when it is all done.