microGaffer tape is here! Grab your own pack.


Lightware Direct just got a new addition to the Cool Tools line in the store. Yeah I know, you say I just wrap some regular gaf tape around a pencil and keep some in all of my bags. Yeah I did to until I found these. I like having the different colors so if we are doing video I can mark (spike?) spots on the floor or carpet where the models are to be when they walk into the frame. I don’t have to buy huge rolls of the colors they already come the right size.  Also useful for marking a set here in the studio if we have to take it down for some reason and then reset. We do a little map and then also write on the tape what light went on that spot. Personally I like the bright colors for my work along with the universal black.

New Lumedyne Mounting Solution


I sometimes like working with my Lumedyne in concert with speed lights. In fact all my location work is now Speed Lights, Lumedyne, and a first release of the Elinchrom Ranger. This mounting idea came about when I was wanting a specular highlight right in the center of a FourSquare box that was a point source, with no diffusion on the box

After some tinkering, this is what I came up with. I am showing you that either of the two styles of Lumedyne heads can be mounted the same way, just a little different on how I drilled out the bar. A single head in a FourSquare is a great light when you need more than what a speed light can deliver. Let me know if this helps you out and we could make some up for you.

STC Workshop

STC Workshop


If you are in LA and want to learn some lighting tips and tricks try the Shoot the Centerfold seminar. Jarmo a photographer for Playboy along with Stephen Wayda will be teaching the lighting part. Lots of good information for a days time well spent. Even if you are not into the professional model look, there are lots of great tips that will apply to any corporate or advertising shoot. You just have to look beyond the beautiful subjects.


David Tejada Shares A Terrific Camera Tip

Video - AE/AF Lock Button as Shortcut to Commander Mode


David Tejada brings us this fantastic tip that is all about optimizing your camera settings for shooting with the built-in flash as a commander for your speedlights. Changing these setting used to be completely impractical due to the time it used to take. Now with this simple switch of controls, the menu to adjust your power settings from the back of the camera is a single button press away, making it a true convenience as opposed to a bell or whistle.

A New Product


We have never before shown a product in development, but here is a first. This is the mold for a new product that has been in the works for quite awhile.

It is a total of six gallons of silicon mixed and poured, mixed and poured, mixed and poured for a full eight hours straight except for bathroom breaks.

We went this way because we can make thousands of casts of this, so says the maker of the silicon product. Next week starts the final finishing so we can

start putting goo into the mold. (Goo = Secret stuff) The Goo has to be done before we do anything else as this will be the spine of the new product. Ahhhh… the

stuff I never learned in photo school.