Traveling on assignment is getting harder. Oh yea, don’t forget that battery situation! Having the airline rule each additional bag at $25 is going to get interesting. It’s only money. Looks like any major location assignment is going to require a great deal more pre planning and up font logistics. In our got to have it now mind set, somethings are just going to get overlooked. That carry on bag with the all the absolute gear is going to get a hard look. How many lenses? Prime or zoom? Two bodies and not three? Which lenses use an extender gracefully? What is really needed? Lighting? Small strobes have to be the king here.

I successfully did a Guatemala shoot with one prime, one zoom and one body. An extra body was back at the hotel but I was amazed at how little I really needed for the assignment. I always carry my (PHD) digital and it has accounted for many a shot, plus I looked more like a tourist.