Recent Set – Purple Background Set

Recent Set – Purple Background Set

This is a simple set to replicate the soft light that comes in through a sheer window covering

One of the first set ups using a FourSquare 48. We used the large FourSquare to blast through the hanging drapes from Ikea. I have a Lumedyne head in the box that I modified with a Mini Mount so I could easily slide the head onto the FourSquare mount. With the Lumedyne heads  you could mount four heads if you wanted … just like four speed lights, they are that small! I did not use either of the screens in the front of the box because the drapes were doing the “diffusing”.

The other FourSquare is our key light with two SB 900’s at 1/4 power. The only thing not in the photo is a white bounce board on the right edged up to the wood floor.

Our wall is made up of 1×4’s and luan sheeting braced by a C stand and grip head. All this is easily available at your home improvement center.Makes for a very mobile and interesting set for the studio. After doing this shoot I have found more tidbits at IKEA that are easy on the budget and make for very interesting light modifiers. Have fun and keep shooting.

Belkin Rockstar Sync Cord Splitter

Belkin Rockstar Sync Cord Splitter

Image of a belkin rockstar and four nikon flash speed lights


belkin rockstart and canon flashes


Thinking outside of the box again … this little device is used to share your  music with friends. It also works great as a trigger hub for  speed lights in a FourSquare box (or your box of choice).  We used only one radio receiver and the Belkin hub.  It worked exactly as expected, great at taking the signal and sending it out to the attached speed lights be it Nikon or Canon or whoever. Using this with optical slaves that have a PC connection, is terrific way to use “old” Canon flashes that did not have a PC connection.

I found this on Amazon for only fourteen dollars. They call it a Belkin RockStar 5-Way headphone splitter. I have been using a custom made splitter, this is a little more funky, but the price savings is great!!!!!


B2 and the FourSquare 30″

B2 and the FourSquare 30″


So here we go… Two FourSquare boxes on with B2 heads the other with two Nikon SB 900’s. What you see is a pretty good comparison on options available for your road kit. I was pretty amazed to see that the two are somewhat equal in output. With todays new sensors and all the the advancements in cameras adusting for 4/10 of a stop is not that much. I just so expected the B2 to blow away the speedlights. Much to my surprise, I was surprised! For money out of pocket solely I would choose the speedlights for the WOW factor for the client the Profotos leave a different impression. I am sure my friend Dave Black,, would be the first to tell you to take the frosted glass off the front of the B2’s. That is exactly what Dave did to his B1’s and I believe he gained almost a full f-stop of light. If any of you out there have the time to check this out for sure with the B2’s let me know I am really curious.

Light being light, I think that the speedlights would be easier to travel with. It seems that most of the B2’s going to the wedding and location shooter who needs that extra punch for the images. However, it really comes down on where and how you want to spend your money. How many options do we have out there that will do the same thing as the speedlights and the B2’s. Amazon has a number of possibilities, Adorama and B&H have their own solutions, Lumedyne, Paul C. Buff and probably more that I can’t think of while typing this.

Mounting the new style Flex TT5 using Mini Mounts

Mounting the new style Flex TT5 using Mini Mounts


This tip comes from Peter Lockley formerly at Clarkson Creative here in Denver. He expressed interest in the FourSquare when I was teaching a lighting workshop.

He was able to solve the mounting issue, without swivels, by changing the relationship of how the Mini Mount, Flex and Flash are all mounted together.

He had the time to think “outside” the box and fiddle with the units to come up with this solution. It saved him the cost of the swivels and he sees no difference in performance.

I think it is pretty nifty myself. It does limit some of the other options available with the swivel but this is also saving some money. My hat goes off to Peter for coming up with this solution.

For those of you who don’t know, Clarkson Creative are the folks who run the Summit Series Workshops. These are the finest workshops that I have been personally involved. Give Chris a call or sign up for their new lighting workshop coming up.

 Going on twenty years strong, I highly suggest you check these workshops out.  

Sometimes Life Gives You Lemons

It has a been awhile since my last post. Just while I thought I had the bumps in the road smoothed out, life came a knocking at my door. It has been a interesting experience. One that I can not recommend to anyone. Challenges just facing you and not the motivation or energy to follow through. I am sure there will be a number of us who will have the joy of going through this life with not many health obstacles and for those of you, I congratulate you. I wish I could be one of you.

No image on this post just a explanation of where I have been. Sometimes you just got to take care of the more important stuff. I wish you all well and hope that I can continue to put up info that is entertaining, fun and just all round good stuff. Until the next post, keep shooting. Practice makes you better.