HDR Photo Of A Classic 1931 Ford Victoria

HDR Photo Of A Classic 1931 Ford Victoria


I saw this car on the way home from a shoot and had to find the owner. It was a year later before the car owner (Howard), the location, and I were all available on the same day. My good friend Joe Farace,(JoeFaraceBlogs.com) has used this location many times in the past, but this was my first. Joe is a car nut and locations like this just “speak” to him. I would have to agree.

This is a 1931 Ford Victoria totally, and I mean totally, redone. There was a lot of wood in the original car but Howard replaced all of it with metal.

I had the idea from the beginning to keep the car “normal” and mess with the background in HDR. When I shot the car I only used direct sunlight and a large white fill on the right side. Then I took four exposures and processed through HDR Photomatix Pro. We dinked alot with the background and “painted” the car back in. After a little retouching it was finished.

I had the idea from the beginning to keep the car “normal” and mess with the background in HDR. Much thanks to Howard for the use of the car and the Adams County Historical  Society for letting me use the gas station.

FYI … Howard has another one in the wings almost ready to photograph.

LED video lights in a FourSquare is more than a Speedlight or two!

We were working on a new project, “Sitting on a Rainbow with the World by a String” and during the filming we used some LEDs that worked out wonderfully bundled in a FourSquare® softbox. That got me to thinking how many small lighting “fixtures” would work in and or on the FourSquare® system. I did a little research on the big ol’ web and found numerous “fixtures” that would work as long as it has a 1/4″ x 2o thread mount and is not to large to fit between the poles. You can use a Four, Three, Two or One. Take a look at this quick pic. Our thanks goes out to Ken Seagren at LSI (Denver, Colorado) for letting us go through his inventory to find these great little LED’s. Necessity is some times the mother of invention. My thanks goes out to who ever coined that phrase.The Foursquare softbox fitted with four LED video lights.

Headshot with a Radiating Blue Background

We were recently on a job where the client wanted corporate head shots to have a particular feel. We found that using a clamp and twisting the black background gives a really interesting effect when you fire your strobe into it. The result as you can see is a blue radiating pattern. We experimented with different blue gels to see which one we liked.

We didn’t “tweak” this image of myself for the post. You can still see reflection of the grid and a weird highlight on my left eye. Something you need to be aware of when you just get fifteen to twenty frames per executive. We would feather the box and grid to allow for glasses and face structure.

You can see how the rest of the photo was lit by the lighting diagram below the photo.


Paul Peregrine in a lighting setup photo


Each Square = 1 foot

Lighting Diagram of Paul Peregrine on the blue radiating background

FourSquare modification with nail polish.

FourSquare modification with nail polish.

Sometimes things need a little help . We have discovered that a little “Silicon” on the tip of your wand in the FourSquare pocket will make assembly and disassembly

much easier. Another little tid bit would be to finish the tip with clear nail polish to make it “smoother”.

FourSquare, Silicone, and Nail polish