Mentor Series Lighting Workshop in San Antonio Texas


Mentor Series Workshops can be a great learning experience. If you are new or just a avid hobbyist of photography this can be a great way to see some of the world, meet some great people and get educated by some of the best photographers working today. This quick snap was taken on the San Antonio speed lighting workshop sponsored by Nikon and SanDisk. A similar speed light workshop will be happening in NewYork in July. The workshop was taught by Dave Black and David Tejada with sideline help by yours truly. See you in NYC in July!

I Protect My Dynalite Kit With A Lightware MF1217

I Protect My Dynalite Kit With A Lightware MF1217


Well now, all that power in one Lightware MF1217 (12″x 17″x8″). This is my road kit. It is small and then small and did I mention small? In addition to the Dynalite case, stands, gels, boxes, cables and background go in another Lightware bag. I use a MF2012 case for my speed lights, cameras and lenses. So in all it’s just one for me and two for the assistant.

Yes an assistant. When you are on the other side of 50 it is nice to have the help plus an extra set of eyes to make sure you don’t put salt in your coffee instead of sugar. Having gone to the digital side makes some things easier but a lot of things more expensive and not quite so easy.

I think that lighting has been made easier. Easier in that we don’t need as much power because we are not exposing for 4×5 or 8×10. Good lighting is still necessary and greatly defines those with and without the knowledge or experience. You can have a great deal of finesse using much smaller and lighter tools. I never would have used speed lights for a 4×5 shoot for fear of not having enough juice. But now, they are one of the staples in the location kit.

Headshot with a Radiating Blue Background

We were recently on a job where the client wanted corporate head shots to have a particular feel. We found that using a clamp and twisting the black background gives a really interesting effect when you fire your strobe into it. The result as you can see is a blue radiating pattern. We experimented with different blue gels to see which one we liked.

We didn’t “tweak” this image of myself for the post. You can still see reflection of the grid and a weird highlight on my left eye. Something you need to be aware of when you just get fifteen to twenty frames per executive. We would feather the box and grid to allow for glasses and face structure.

You can see how the rest of the photo was lit by the lighting diagram below the photo.


Paul Peregrine in a lighting setup photo


Each Square = 1 foot

Lighting Diagram of Paul Peregrine on the blue radiating background

Canon C300 Custom Case

I am still confused when all the new “Indie” folks get concerned about carrying their gear. This Lightware MF1217 holds  a system just fine. Works easily with a shoulder strap and doesn’t say “CAMERA CASE WITH LOTS OF EXPENSIVE GEAR!  PLEASE STEAL ME!!.

It fits easily in the airplane overhead and many times I prefer this to wheels. So many of the back streets in Europe with cobble stones can be murder on the gear due to vibration. I still take my rolling case but like to have the gold close to my side when its traveling on the road. As hard as the traveling is already, less is more when you get on the plane.

Lightware Custom Case for a Canon C300 Video camera and lenses

Lightware Case Utility Light

Lightware Case Utility Light

I recently found this handy little light while at my local improvement store. It runs on three AAA batteries and by adding a couple of hook and loop tabs the the back, it attaches perfectly to the inside of my Lightware  camera case. So you are working in a dark set this can be a saver. I found this beauty at Home Depot. It was in the fluorescent bulb isle.

Utility light from home depot that works great inside the lid of your camera caseUtility light attached to the lid of a Lightware MF1217 case

Battery Case or “The Cleaning Kit”

Battery Case or “The Cleaning Kit”

On a earlier post I was talking about the Micro cases to hold my H4N, well now I have turned one into a basic cleaning kit and battery holder. Let your imagination run wild.

While working in LA,  I found “Panchro” to be the lens fluid cleaner of choice in the “film” world. This came as a tip from a lens technician in LosAngeles while I was waiting on some rental equipment. Plus, the micro case keeps things “dry” when you pack them with other things. What is not shown, are a few sheets of KimWipes that I keep beneath the lens brush and Pancro.

See another post for my “Bad Day on Location” kit.

Pelican cases