Easy Organization for your Speedlight Color Corrections Gels


It’s simple. A plastic worm bag organizer from Bass Pro Shops and/or a 3×5 recipe card holder from the office supply store. Actually I use them both. I put the CTO’s in the recipe holder because those are the ones we use most and then the more esoteric filters I put in the Bass Pro Worm Folder.  I use a label maker to keep them identified on the baggie and with a sharpie on the filter itself. Makes it easy for the assistants to find and put back the gels in the right place. Go ahead get organized.


Guido Karp Workshop with FourSquare and Sunbounce in Los Angeles


This was shot on location in California during a workshop that Guido Karp was hosting. A wonderful place with curves, ledges, walls, waterfalls, pools, columns and huge spheres to work with. It was built years ago for TV commercials. I believe that it was for a years campaign of hair care products. We were using California Sunbounces and FourSquares. Photographers Steve Thornton, David Mecey, Michael Grecco and Tim Mantoani all gave there two cents during the week long event.

Mentor Series Lighting Workshop in San Antonio Texas


Mentor Series Workshops can be a great learning experience. If you are new or just a avid hobbyist of photography this can be a great way to see some of the world, meet some great people and get educated by some of the best photographers working today. This quick snap was taken on the San Antonio speed lighting workshop sponsored by Nikon and SanDisk. A similar speed light workshop will be happening in NewYork in July. The workshop was taught by Dave Black and David Tejada with sideline help by yours truly. See you in NYC in July!

HDR Photo Of A Classic 1931 Ford Victoria

HDR Photo Of A Classic 1931 Ford Victoria


I saw this car on the way home from a shoot and had to find the owner. It was a year later before the car owner (Howard), the location, and I were all available on the same day. My good friend Joe Farace,(JoeFaraceBlogs.com) has used this location many times in the past, but this was my first. Joe is a car nut and locations like this just “speak” to him. I would have to agree.

This is a 1931 Ford Victoria totally, and I mean totally, redone. There was a lot of wood in the original car but Howard replaced all of it with metal.

I had the idea from the beginning to keep the car “normal” and mess with the background in HDR. When I shot the car I only used direct sunlight and a large white fill on the right side. Then I took four exposures and processed through HDR Photomatix Pro. We dinked alot with the background and “painted” the car back in. After a little retouching it was finished.

I had the idea from the beginning to keep the car “normal” and mess with the background in HDR. Much thanks to Howard for the use of the car and the Adams County Historical  Society for letting me use the gas station.

FYI … Howard has another one in the wings almost ready to photograph.

Lightware Case Utility Light

Lightware Case Utility Light

I recently found this handy little light while at my local improvement store. It runs on three AAA batteries and by adding a couple of hook and loop tabs the the back, it attaches perfectly to the inside of my Lightware  camera case. So you are working in a dark set this can be a saver. I found this beauty at Home Depot. It was in the fluorescent bulb isle.

Utility light from home depot that works great inside the lid of your camera caseUtility light attached to the lid of a Lightware MF1217 case