Model Releases, GretagMacbeth Color Checker Charts (varying sizes), GretagMacbeth Gray Cards, Cinefoil, Compass, Boston Spring Clips, Fun-Tac, Sharpies, +2.5 Reading Glasses, Small Maglite, Small Spirit Level, 77mm Circular Polarizer, Expo-Disc (for “special” white balancing). These are just a few of the little things I take with me. If I am traveling by plane I try to hone it to the minimum. Since this to go kit lives in a Rubbermaid tool box it is easy to go through before the assignment.

I always bring some form of reading material for my assistant and myself. This helps if creative block hits me when things are getting a little tense with the photograph. It also helps pass the time when you are waiting on the client, athlete, or suit. Always photographically related, it’s like taking a mini refresher course while you wait. I find that I always use something out of this kit on every assignment.