So here we go… Two FourSquare boxes on with B2 heads the other with two Nikon SB 900’s. What you see is a pretty good comparison on options available for your road kit. I was pretty amazed to see that the two are somewhat equal in output. With todays new sensors and all the the advancements in cameras adusting for 4/10 of a stop is not that much. I just so expected the B2 to blow away the speedlights. Much to my surprise, I was surprised! For money out of pocket solely I would choose the speedlights for the WOW factor for the client the Profotos leave a different impression. I am sure my friend Dave Black, www.workshop-at-the-ranch.com, would be the first to tell you to take the frosted glass off the front of the B2’s. That is exactly what Dave did to his B1’s and I believe he gained almost a full f-stop of light. If any of you out there have the time to check this out for sure with the B2’s let me know I am really curious.

Light being light, I think that the speedlights would be easier to travel with. It seems that most of the B2’s going to the wedding and location shooter who needs that extra punch for the images. However, it really comes down on where and how you want to spend your money. How many options do we have out there that will do the same thing as the speedlights and the B2’s. Amazon has a number of possibilities, Adorama and B&H have their own solutions, Lumedyne, Paul C. Buff and probably more that I can’t think of while typing this.