This is a simple set to replicate the soft light that comes in through a sheer window covering

One of the first set ups using a FourSquare 48. We used the large FourSquare to blast through the hanging drapes from Ikea. I have a Lumedyne head in the box that I modified with a Mini Mount so I could easily slide the head onto the FourSquare mount. With the Lumedyne heads  you could mount four heads if you wanted … just like four speed lights, they are that small! I did not use either of the screens in the front of the box because the drapes were doing the “diffusing”.

The other FourSquare is our key light with two SB 900’s at 1/4 power. The only thing not in the photo is a white bounce board on the right edged up to the wood floor.

Our wall is made up of 1×4’s and luan sheeting braced by a C stand and grip head. All this is easily available at your home improvement center.Makes for a very mobile and interesting set for the studio. After doing this shoot I have found more tidbits at IKEA that are easy on the budget and make for very interesting light modifiers. Have fun and keep shooting.