This tip comes from Peter Lockley formerly at Clarkson Creative here in Denver. He expressed interest in the FourSquare when I was teaching a lighting workshop.

He was able to solve the mounting issue, without swivels, by changing the relationship of how the Mini Mount, Flex and Flash are all mounted together.

He had the time to think “outside” the box and fiddle with the units to come up with this solution. It saved him the cost of the swivels and he sees no difference in performance.

I think it is pretty nifty myself. It does limit some of the other options available with the swivel but this is also saving some money. My hat goes off to Peter for coming up with this solution.

For those of you who don’t know, Clarkson Creative are the folks who run the Summit Series Workshops. These are the finest workshops that I have been personally involved. Give Chris a call or sign up for their new lighting workshop coming up.

 Going on twenty years strong, I highly suggest you check these workshops out.