Image of a belkin rockstar and four nikon flash speed lights


belkin rockstart and canon flashes


Thinking outside of the box again … this little device is used to share your  music with friends. It also works great as a trigger hub for  speed lights in a FourSquare box (or your box of choice).  We used only one radio receiver and the Belkin hub.  It worked exactly as expected, great at taking the signal and sending it out to the attached speed lights be it Nikon or Canon or whoever. Using this with optical slaves that have a PC connection, is terrific way to use “old” Canon flashes that did not have a PC connection.

I found this on Amazon for only fourteen dollars. They call it a Belkin RockStar 5-Way headphone splitter. I have been using a custom made splitter, this is a little more funky, but the price savings is great!!!!!