This is something new for FourSquare that I have been tinkering with. While we have our spindles for retrofitting to other boxes, we have one customer who wanted a “Make it Eight” to fit into a Chimera Octa box using there speed ring. Well I took this as a challenge and came up with this solution.  I am only showing one half of a “Make it Eight”, just a standard FourSquare mounted to the ring.  As of today (3-6-2013) we have a few that fit the Wafer/iConcepts speed ring (shown) and a few that fit the larger Chimera 7.3/185mm speed ring. If there is enough interest we will put it up in the LightwareDirect store.

If this is something that interests you lets us know. We don’t even have a price yet! Oh You gotta have your own ring! Better known as, we don’t sell the speed rings!