Keeping track of bags you check at the airport can be easy. Using a stencil kit and a metallic Sharpie you can code your bags as required. Stencil on your cell phone number or your name and address. This makes for a “permanent” marking on each of your cases. This works just as well on fabric as it does the hard size cases. My system is simple. I abbreviate everything so my assistant and I know exactly what each case contains. Example, “N” for Nikon or “C” for Canon. I also give each case a number. For example case “17” has a complete Lumedyne set up. By keeping a cheat sheet book on all your gear, you know what case “17” holds along with all the contents and any serial numbers. This makes traveling easier as you have a record of all the gear, serial numbers and contents for each of your numbered cases as well for your insurance company. Yea I know it’s anal but it sure helps when you have to file a claim

Another tip I like with stenciling is actually from a friend of mine. He takes Rosco scene paint, black, and on the bottom of all his cases he paints out an area sealing up the fabric. Next he uses a stencil he had made at his local sign shop and paints in with the color of choice using spray paint.
One more is using colored webbing, like our guys in the military. Colored webbing with a loop sewn on allows you loop it around a handle and when it comes off the carousel you know it’s yours. Happy traveling.

Flat stash pouch and silver sharpies