We were working on a new project, “Sitting on a Rainbow with the World by a String” and during the filming we used some LEDs that worked out wonderfully bundled in a FourSquare® softbox. That got me to thinking how many small lighting “fixtures” would work in and or on the FourSquare® system. I did a little research on the big ol’ web and found numerous “fixtures” that would work as long as it has a 1/4″ x 2o thread mount and is not to large to fit between the poles. You can use a Four, Three, Two or One. Take a look at this quick pic. Our thanks goes out to Ken Seagren at LSI (Denver, Colorado) for letting us go through his inventory to find these great little LED’s. Necessity is some times the mother of invention. My thanks goes out to who ever coined that phrase.The Foursquare softbox fitted with four LED video lights.