Friday with Dr. Dan resulted in this pour shot.

FourSquare 20×20 Box with Grid, Set Left = 1/32 each 2x SB 900

Top Right = 1/16 SB 900 with red gel Not Shown

Lower Left  = 1/64 SB 800 with red gel Not Shown

Background Blue Through Plastic Sheet= SB900 @ 1/128 and ZootSnoot with Blue gel

Nikon D800, Nikon 100 mm Macro, F-11, 1/160 sec, ISO 800


What was neat in planning this shot for the blog was research at one of our local plastic supply houses. They had all kinds of textured plastic which is what we used for the background. I only bought one to see how it worked. So now when I need something unique I will definitely go back for more research. The product was available on a roll and you purchased by the foot. I spent around eight dollars for this piece.

We tried water, vodka, Karo Syrup thinned with water but eventually through trial and error used glycerin diluted with water and cough syrup to get the color. Now I warn you … be prepared if you choose to try this the mixture is very sticky and makes a beautiful mess. We did not think that it would splash as far as it did but we got it all over the table, floor, background, stands, the box and the camera stand.

The other nifty piece of this puzzle are the two pieces of clear plexi that were cut to match the martini glasses base so that we could suspend them. We used hot glue to adhere the glasses to the plexi but in hindsight I probably would use clear museum putty or gel. Just look it up on Google or Yahoo to find a source. The hot glue worked well but the surface tension wasn’t quite strong enough for the glass to hold it for a long period of time. The total time we spent on this exercise was just around four hours. I spent an additional two hours getting the plexi cut, purchasing the background and the glycerin.