I did not have access to a perspective 35 lens so I had to use what was around the studio. My main workhorse is a view camera. Yea, I’m old. The days of film. But with the transition to the “35” format digital I think you can get darn close to what you would with a view. The advantage with the “35” is that you can play with camera angles quicker and are not held back by camera movements. The advantage to the view is that you have to slow down and really look at what you are doing, with deliberation. Well which one is which?

I used a piece of white P25 white plexiglass, 2 foot by 3 foot , at a 45 degree angle above the medal. I have a single SB 900 with Pocket Wizard trigger right above, about six inches away from the plexi. I also used small piece of black velvet to kill as much light falling on the background above the top of the ribbon.


Purple Heart Medal Shot with View Camera and a DRSL

Lighting Setup for Purple Heart Medal