A keen eye may notice that the setup is a mirror of our final pick. We reversed the set mid way through the shoot and only shot overview images at the end.

My good friend Steve Thornton is always willing to let me shoot a current portrait of him. This was done because I continually want to emphasize what can be done with a single light source and some fill if required. My source is the FourSquare fitted with a single SB 900 and a pocket wizard for a trigger with a Visual Departure Flex Fill. My camera is a Canon 5D Mark II fitted with a 85mm lens. I like to use the camera on a ball head so I can move it, dutch the camera, without having to actually carry or hold the camera. You get finicky as you get older and like to make things as comfortable as possible. Our final image is without the fill, but this is just a personal choice on how I wanted the image to look

Playing around with a single source can be the beginning of understanding what lighting is all about. If you use it outside and find your ambient level exposure and make a shot and then begin to explore with a single source flash (with or without modifier) you can really begin to see how much dimension and feel you could add to your images. Even if you are just shooting your kids or neighbor, adding your own light to what nature gives can be a very good learning experience.  So good in fact, that the little speed light will become part of your regular gear.