I wondered how long it would take … Jarmo and his buds have teamed up to do seminars on how they have make their images for “Playboy”. This is a chance to learn from the masters who have created such stunning images. Arny and Jarmo will show you how they make the images that have become classics in the industry. They will show you how its done and share some of their secrets.

Shoot the Centerfold Miami 2012

MIAMI BEACH, FL • January 27, 28 & 29
Friday • Day 1
8:00- 9:00 Course Registrations – schedules and badges distributed
In order to enhance your learning experience. STC participants will be guided by our beautiful Shoot The Centerfold ambassadors.
9:00- 9:30 Introduction by Jon Paulsin
9:30- 12:00 
Arny Freytag • Arny addresses the group and give a slide show presentation featuring detailed descriptions on classic glamour set-ups and established lighting techniques.
Jarmo Pohjaniemi • Jarmo brings his unique view into focus as he presents a slide show with a detailed description of each images’ process from concept to final print.
12:00- 1:00 Lunch
1:15- 4:45  
Ric Moore • STC’s newest addition Ric is know for his advertising and fashion work as well as his work in Playboy Magazine Ric discusses his personal philosophy and how his images reflect his distinctive vision with a slide show and discussion of the formation of each photo.
Arny returns and discusses set design, production, and a very special chat on the perception, visualization and understanding of light.
Jarmo steps out from behind the camera and goes in front of the computer as he discusses and demonstrates Adobe Photoshop – Lightroom techniques and workflow.
An analysis of the business side of photography and how to build a professional portfolio will be discussed by Gary Cole, Playboy’s Director of Photography for over 30 years, and Jeff Cohen, Playboy’s Editor for Special Editions and “Godfather” of Casting Calls. (Personal one-on-one portfolio reviews and critiques are available for an additional charge on Saturday)
Saturday •  Day 2
8:00- 9:00 Course Registrations – schedules and badges distributed
9:00- 9:30 Introduction – Welcome to Day 2 – STC participants will be divided into groups at this time. Each group will take in turns attending Arny, Jarmo and Ric’s presentations and sets over a two-day period on Friday and Saturday.
9:30- 11:45
A continuance of the first day’s schedule will have STC participants completing their seminar instruction.
• Arny starts with a detailed demonstration of a complex set using his signature multi-light production with a beautiful Playboy Playmate as his model. While doing so, he will also demonstrate how to direct the model and get various expressions, which are a most important part of photography.
Learn from a true master as Arny shows you how to pose your models. He has spent his entire career photographing non-professional, first-time models
• Jarmo demonstrates his signature style of delicately balancing a combination of available light and strobe while shooting. He will also be working with a beautiful Playboy Playmate. Jarmo, who also works with non-professional models, will be demonstrating directing and posing techniques used from Glamour to Fashion. It will be interesting to see the contrasting techniques used by Arny and Jarmo
• Ric will be demonstrating a simple 3 to 4-light set up, much as you would if you are shooting at home, on location, or in a hotel room. Ric will also explain how to get that beautiful light with the simplest set-up.
• Gary Cole and Jeff Cohen will be available for one-on-one consultations and portfolio reviews.
• Jarmo’s assistant, (?), will be discussing and demonstrating basic Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom workflow.
12:00- 1:45
NEW! Arny, Jarmo, Ric will display and demonstrate outdoor lighting techniques (weather permitting).
They will use natural light, portable strobe light and a combination of both to show you how to harness the sun and take control your light.
2:00- 3:00 Lunch 
3:15- 5:30
A continuance of the second day’s schedule will have STC participants completing the seminar portion of instruction.
Sunday, January 29, 2012 • Day 3
Here is your opportunity to shoot!
You will have the opportunity to shoot on Arny, Jarmo and Ric’s sets, all with their own individualized personal lighting and instruction!
In a great opportunity to practice and put to the test what you have learned for the past two days, fantasy will turn into reality as two beautiful Playboy Playmates and one of our gorgeous Shoot The Centerfold models will provide photographers with an experience of shooting their own images.
As you wait your turn to shoot:
• Arny’s assistant will be holding a demonstration on assisting, equipment and production.
• Jarmo’s makeup and wardrobe stylist will be discussing makeup techniques and styling secrets!
• Ric’s assistant will be discussing etiquette and how to approach and find models.
Plus, see the latest in Hensel, Leica, Lightware, McKenna, Color House, Ilford, Carousel Studio Samy’s camera and Sunbounce products.
And don’t forget to try out the new Leica S2! Yes, that’s right, you will have the opportunity to shoot with this amazing new 37 Megapixel camera!
(With your memory card).
Programs and times subject to change