For something that needs to be quick and easy …. a press release photo for a friend announcing his sculpture opening was a easy thing to do with the FourSquare. We were in a dim room with light streaming in from a south window. We set up a FourSquare with SB900’s and used a SU800 commander to trigger the strobes. It was a “blend” of available light (daylight), tungsten (spots that were on the wall behind me) and the strobes. We took a control exposure with a gray card and then batched them all to look the same. We arrived at the gallery around noon and were packing back up at 12:20. Twenty minutes to get a PR photo, in and out. Used a D700 in manual and checked by chimping on the LCD. One hour later everything was up and his email blast was done and the final image was sent to the printer for the postcard printing. You can check out more of Errol Beauchamps sculpture work at