This is the final image from a teaching video we did on how to use the FourSquare FireFly. This entire set was lit with three FireFlys and one FourSquare with a 40 degree grid. The set is 10 feet high and 25 feet long. All the props were made from foam core board and painted with poster board paint. The rainbow was cut from MDF board 1/2″ thick. We used MDF here so that the seat structure for the model could be attached to something of substance.

Our original image was very flat as the FireFlys did their job well. Even across the width within a quarter of a stop left to right. Next we decided to highlight the model so we brought in a gridded FourSquare, up the power and exposed for the new “brighter” reading in turn dropping the “even” exposure down a good stop.

We retouched out the seams between the flats that are making up the background. We also took out the foot prints on the green background paper we used for the floor. Normal dust and stuff, upped the contrast and added saturation. Bingo!

Take a look at the You Tube channel for the full length video on how to.