Working with a Children’s hospital we were asked to provide some funky solution for large murals in an emergency room setting. Dolls were suggested. This is where we started. We eventually tried all sorts of light fixtures to achieve a variety of looks. We found that the best material was translum/flexiglass diffusion material to achieve the weirdness that was requested. After the first go round with a variety of dolls and then a creative meeting, it was decided that we should use real kids because the dolls just didn’t “look right”. After all the work, our first suggestion was taken (use real kids) so we dressed kids as super hero’s and did some funky back light with them. The results were much better than what we started with. Sometimes the client has to see it to believe it.

I guess in their mind’s eye, the doll would be more “human” like and not so much doll-like. Just doesn’t look right to me. How about you?