The FourSquare with optical slaves and a pocket wizard



The FourSquare, Nikon Speedlights and optical slaves with a pocket wizardThese Nikon SB-900s have a PC port on the side so we only needed three optical slaves. We found that the small Nissin slaves worked great.
The FourSquare, Canon Speedlites and optical slaves with a pocket wizardThe Canon580EXSpeedlites do not have a PC port so I went with a Wein slave. This allows us to attach a standard Pocket Wizard to trigger the first light, and the remaining are being fired by the optical slave on the bottom. 



It seems pretty simple and it is. For the technically challenged, the optical slave works just as well as separate triggers. Using these in the Four Square box assures they will all “see” the light. The real trick is finding the right optical slaves! I found a real difference as to what slaves would trigger which brand of flash. I did not think this would be such a “touchy” issue but it was. And finally, this is a great way to use older flashes and bring them into your current workflow.

It is really amazing how much you can do with these flashes if you think beyond the borders. High ISO capabilities along with speed lights are a great combination.