Screw Driver with Interchangeable Tip , Schrade (Leather Man), 10mm Wrench, Small Maglite, Spirit Level, Utility Knife, 3/16 Allen T-Key, Spring Vice Grips, Surgical Scissors, Adjustable Vice Grip, 1.5-10 Metric Allen Keys, 1/16-3/8 Allen Keys, Ear Plugs, Circuit Tester, Adjustable Wrench, 3/8,1/4, 5/16, 3/16 Ratchet Wrench, Laser Pointer, Cut All Scissors, Wire Cutters.

This seems like a lot to keep with you, but when you need it … you don’t have it. So I like to keep it handy in my travel kit which is usually a Lightware 24″ Cargo Case.