The motocross was another terrific experience with Dave Black. Getting this together was a lot of fun. A little stressful here and there but still fun. We had a couple of close calls, like a little to close to the handle bars and bikes coming at us much faster than expected. I find it amazing that Dave is able to make champagne out of some really sour grapes. I would have hoped for a nicer course, but with his technique it really applies to using the FourSquare or EightSquare to get the action. We took several sessions to get this all together as life seems to have a way of happening while your in the middle of shooting video. Dave and I had to work around some gear schedules and Dave had some family things that he was wrangling,like a wedding. Check out his “Workshops at the Ranch” with Dave Black. I have found several other videos with Dave on the web but I think ours are a notch better. Dave is the 90 percent and I am the 10. We hope you find this interesting and informative. I know that Dave has some exciting stuff coming up so pay attention. If you are a fan and want to learn with the best keep track of Dave and his web site website. I’m sure when the time is right, he will spill the beans. So keep trying, keep them on high speed sync and don’t afraid to get dirty!