Have been looking into what other lighting fixtures are useable for in studio photography. This is a commercially available fluorescent fixture available from a local distributor. The goal was to find the most color correct bulbs. These are daylight balanced and create a very nice light when it is place through a 1/2 grid silent from the Rag Place in California. What I have suspended above the “Bug” is a 8×8 frame on two rolling stands. This particular frame is from Matthews in California. Depending on the subject, I like adding/using a large diffusion for lighting a shiny curved object. In many cases the diffusion needs to be larger than you think. Our magical brain has a way of filtering out all those little reflections before we see a proof up on the computer screen.  We are using a D800 tethered to a Mac running Capture One Pro.

What I have really found handy are the adjustable tables that are available at Sam’s and Costco. That is the table that the car is sitting on. It adjusts to varying heights and can be useful as a prop table, makeup table or a shoot table as I am showing here. I think they are only around 50 to 60 dollars and well worth the investment. We have several. They also have one that folds in half that is around 40 dollars. Happy shooting