Now this is one of those moments when you just go….ah ha. That was for me any way. This is a holder from Wescott that is used to hold a there Scrim Jim frame.  They retail this arm for around fifty dollars (grip head not included). In the studio I use a lot of lightweight California Sunbounce frames and have always rigged a grip head to a Sunbouce frame and them onto a stand. This clamp made it so much easier because I can articulate the frame and diffusion frame on the axis of the mount (both sides mind you). So when I am shooting I can float this above me and use a tweak of light to get a soft sparkle of light in the models eyes or I can blast away for a on camera look.

I now have married two of these together so they are always ready. I have changed from a grip head to a manfrotto umbrella stand adapter, it gives me the same articulation for less dollars out. It has become a handy little tool around the studio.